will you promo me?

i don’t usually do promo’s, i might do a promo for promo here and there. i also post those “first __ to reblog get promoted” so look out for those!

follow me?

i don’t follow on request.

check out my blog?

if you’re following me i’ll always check out your blog, i just can’t promise i’ll follow you back unless i really love your page :)

make me a banner?

i wanna start trying that out so you can ask and i’ll see what i can do!

vote for me?

ask and i may vote, but i most likely won’t ask my followers to vote too. you must be following me though.

theme code?

don’t ask me i won’t give it to you.

reblog my picture? 

if you follow me and it goes with my blog sure just send me the link. <3

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